Engage employees and customers in your climate work

Educate employees, enable innovation and strengthen your brand with our digital climate impact tools.

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Climate impact tools

Climate campaigns for employees

Engage your employees to reach the organisation’s climate targets faster

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Carbon calculator

Visualise the positive impact of your climate-smart products.

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Conceptual screenshot of Spark Sustainability's carbon impact plug-in in use in a webshop.

Carbon Impact

Show customers how your products can help reduce emissions with our webshop plug-in.

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Are you a climate-smart business?

Companies that make sustainability a core of their business are a one step ahead of their competition. Let’s talk about how we can stop climate change together!

What we do

Leveraging emission data to engage employees, partners and customers in your climate targets

We empower employees to contribute to their organisations’ climate work and discover new sustainable working methods
We offer digital tools that show consumers how your products can help them reduce emissions
We help build sustainable brands and drive real behavioural change
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Want to make the most of your climate work?

Let us help you!

From the blog
Company news
Anna Eriksson is appointed CEO of Spark Sustainability
Co-Founder Anna Eriksson was appointed Spark Sustainability’s new CEO, starting June 13th 2022. Eriksson has previously had the role of Product Owner for Spark Sustainability’s carbon tracking app Carbon Donut.
Company news
Market research results show companies’ clear interest in promoting a sustainable lifestyle also beyond the products they sell
“We strive to nudge people’s behaviour towards more sustainable living practices”, said one interviewee in our market research this spring.
Company news
How we enabled 40 000 personal climate actions
Spark Sustainability has enabled 40 000 climate actions and over 30 000 people have tried our calculator in order to find out their lifestyle emissions.
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